The private management of car parks is commercially necessary for landholders. They have a right to manage their private land as they see fit and allow motorists to use this land for parking under certain terms and conditions.

The contracts, and its clauses, are necessary to prevent abuse of private land. This is commercially necessary as the landholder needs to manage their land in order to ensure that their business can run successfully.

The terms and conditions of parking on private land are derived by agreements between the landholder and their contractor or car parking management company, and it is the obligation of the motorist to comply with these when they park in the car park.

We believe these terms and conditions are generally reasonable and fair; however, if the motorist believes them not to be, they always have the option leave and not enjoy the benefits offered from using the car park.

We are authorised by the Landowner to provide a parking solution for his land which complies with BPA, DVLA and ICO regulations. Initial Parking Ltd issue Parking Charge Notices and are able do so by passing the stringent requirements, regulations and audits required to members of the above organisations.  We would contend that when the motorist arrives on-site you should take note of the Terms and Conditions displayed on the ample signage around the site. These signs will clearly state the charges for breaching them. If the motorist is not prepared to pay such charges and is unhappy with the contract terms, they should not remain at the location and they should seek to park elsewhere.

Please note that we have obtained the name and address of the registered keeper of the vehicle from the DVLA for the purposes of enforcing this unpaid charge.  Such information has been provided in accordance with the Road Vehicles (Registration and Licensing) Regulations 2002.  If you consider that such information has been used or obtained inappropriately, you should notify us immediately along with the DVLA (release of information, Fee Paying Enquiries Section, DVLA Swansea, SA99 1AJ) or the Information Commissioner (Wycliffe house, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF

Managing private land on behalf of Landowners means that the rules of Contract Laws will apply.

The Biggest thing to remember when parking in an off street car park is that the Blue Badge Rules do not apply in the same way they do on-street. You will always need to check the rules for Blue Badge holders in any off-street car park. You will need to check if fees will apply or not and also if there are any time restriction on how long you are able to park. Do not assume that displaying your Blue Badge will allow you to park for 3 hours this is not always the case. If the car park restricts you to a different length of time you must follow this or you may be issued a ticket.

You need to also be aware that road systems on private land, not run by a council, have different rules to the main public highway. Yellow lines on private land are not allowed to be used the same way as they can on the public highway. You are not able to park on these unless the land owner has said otherwise and doing so could result in a PCN being issued.

When you park on private land managed by a private operator (e.g. shopping centres, cinemas, supermarkets etc.) it is important to check signage for terms and conditions of each car park; they can vary dramatically from car park to car park

Payment Information:

Please visit and follow the onscreen instructions.  Please have your payment card details ready.  Alternatively, you could phone our 24hr automated payment line on 0333 023 0138. Lastly, you make a cheque payable to Initial Parking Ltd – attaching the payment slip if you require a receipt.

Appeals Information:

If you wish to appeal this Parking Charge Notice you can visit us at or write to us as per the address on your Parking Charge Notice. All appeals must be received with 28 days from the date of our initial. correspondence.  Once received your Parking Charge Notice will be put on hold.  We must respond to you within 35 days. If we reject your appeal we will respond to you in writing and give you the contact details for Parking on Private Land Appeals (POPLA) – the Independent Appeals Service.  Please note that this currently only applies to Parking Charge Notices issued on Private Lane in England and Wales from October 1st 2012

Motorists who receive Parking Charge Notices from private parking companies that are members of the BPAs AOS can appeal through POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals Service). This can be done through their website.